Sunday, February 21, 2010

" Hero within"

Darkness envelope this whole world of ours..
And every inch of it are children crying..
In the streets violence are learned..
I sat and sigh!

I keep asking myself why?
Why do this children experience these?
Why do they need to suffer?
and why can't I help?

T'was a silent Saturday evening..
boredom fills me entirely..
So i lied unto my bed...
and turned on the t.v...

Happy cells arose when I saw my favorite program..
It's the most touching show on earth..
featuring the life story of CNN hero of the year..
and proudly He is a filipino..

As the show started...
tears roll down on my cheek..
my heart beats faster..
I was endlessly crying..

In the end...I've realized onething...
That we all have a hero from within...
We just have to search it unto our hearts..
And use it..

Thank you efren penaflorida for inspiring all the filipinos..


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